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Star Trek Costume?
You're the Genius
So, a crafty goal to go with college: I want to make a decent Star Trek shirt (gold, of course) in time for the premiere of Into Darkness in May.  That's three months, so, hopefully, that will be more than enough time to get it all done and put together, even with tests and drafts and what-not.

Now, a disclaimer:  I haven't actually made a costume since high school.  I was fourteen, the costume was sailor mercury, and it was all upcycling/adjusting and sewing back together of thrift shop finds.  Not particularly technical.  I've planned to make many a costume since then, but it's never come to fruition.  That said, a big part of the intent behind this project is figuring out how to do this kind of stuff.  Yes, I could buy the Grand Heritage Kirk's costume for somewhere around 60 dollars, which given the price of the jumbo stretch spandex, very well might be cheaper.  But it wont be as fun, wont come with learning fun skills, and definitely wont look as good.

There will be pictures, and likely some ranting and raving and general cursing at the universe as I start trying to figure out how to deal with the delta pattern.  My current problem is trying to decide between two colors or three for the delta pattern...  there are definitely three there, but the third doesn't seem like the difference would be very noticeable, and I'm unsure if it's worth the extra effort.  Decisions to be made once I get the spandex and figure out if I'm going to have to dye it or not.

Ordered fabric samples of the white and gold jumbo spandex
Ordered the undershirt I plan to use

To Do:
Order the command badge
Order the iron-on fabric for rank stripes
Order muslin for mockups
Decide on a base pattern
Decide on two-color or three color delta pattern