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lotuspromises's Journal

Sammy Evans
5 May 1983
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I'm a genderqueer geek currently living in Skaneateles, New York. Recently got my EMT-Basic certification, and working on getting something approximating a social life despite being ravingly anti-social. Trying not to bemoan over missing California too much, and find a way to do things that make me happy! I miss playing the keyboard and my acoustic guitar.

I'm a geek, a writer, fanboi for the things I'm into, a musichead and a ton of other stuff beside. Supernatural is my biggest love in the world, and Leverage is pretty awesome, too. I'm a hopeless slash shipper, and convinced the world needs more Cas/Crowley -- especially with wings. I think Supernatural/Doctor Who crossovers are amazing. I'm always up for new friends, roleplay partners, fic recs, or whatever you've got!

One of these years my life wont be exploding come November and I'll actually get to try and do NanoWrimo. Some day.....